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St Maarten

Photos of the St Maaten Trip

Darth Dingy

More Photos

2/7/13 Garland, TX
Twas the night before sailing and all thru the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
Me with my bags packed and ready to go. My first sailing adenture, as I am sure you all know.
Fly to St Maarten to meet with the crew, we will have 4 catermarans for 24 of us, to enjoy the cruise.
Around the islands we will sail, we will swim, eat, drink and be merry, without email.
Should I hope the 7 day day charter afloat, turns into being stranded on an island with no boat!!!
2/8/13 Miami, FL
David, Terry, Linda and Mary meet in airport (MIA)
We fly to St Maarten and get to hotel. Then meet some others and hang out at bar in front of hotel.
2/09/13 Ships Log...
St Maarten - Lagoon Marina. We have a boat and crew and all is aboard. We will stay onboard tonight and hit the sails in the morning at 8am.
Crews Log
David, Angela, Glynda and Karen doing provisioning...

2/10/13 Ships Log...
Out under the bridge at 9am. Then to customs to clear St Maarten. Turns our we had to pay an extra $80 because the last charter did not check in the boat upon their return.

By 10:30 we pull up anchor and head out.
Turned into the wind to raise the main sail. Well we tried, it turnsout the main sail line was wrapped around the lazy jack line. So we brought it back down, wind blowing everything around and David managed to get the buckle off the main sail and unwrap it from the lazy jack. Apparently no one had raised the main sail lately.

Well we are under way. 4 cats sailing away from St Maarten. Looks lke our cat is faster that the others. We are "Leaders of the Pack"

2 pm we are at Road Bay on Anguilla. Just north of St Maarten. We are on achor and going ashore.

Well we have been to the beach and back. A rolling Happy Hour on our boat.

No Reason for dinner, snacks and more than we could eat. Dingy's came and dingys go. Beautiful sunset. Wonder what the poor people are doing tonight.

Crews Log
We had a crew meeting and it was determined that one person each day would be the Galley Wench and have to keep galley clean all day. Angela was the first, we went aphabetical.

First raising of the sails: Best Quote "Damn baby. You looked so sexy raising that sail!... Ben:"

I thought we were all gonna die!! HaHa Selah

A bit of topless scenery on the foredeck.

Selah turned into "Leopard Lady" ferociously pursuing pads and towels blown almost off deck.

Food is over-rated,! Lets drink! (AB)

Galley Wench set the bar very high today, cleaned, made drinks, fixed sandwiches and everything....

2/11/13 Ships Log
We had a little rain last night. Sun out this morning. One cat seems to have some engine battery issues.

Most of the crews fo to a secluded beach for a $7 ride. Had a great time snorkeling. Then back about 2pm and we set sail back to St Maarten

Pretty rough seas to make the crossing. Rounded the west side of Anguilla and then headed east to the north side of St Maarten to Baie Grande Case.

Dingy made a run to Robs boat for a beer and a chat. Now we are headed to shore. We are anchored 150 ft from the peir, shops, rum and more.

Well I had a great dinner, rack of ribs for $5 and it was great. Had couple drinks and then finally back to boat. Well 3 of the crew made it back. % missing in action. Good thing we are close to the pier. A couple hours later I heard some shooting from the pier. They had finally showed up and beggin for a ride. Time to break out Darth Dingy, they were in no condition to swim 150 ft....;-))

Crews log
"Lower Shoal Bay" difficult snorkeling, big group for lunch. David ran on the beach.

Back at Roan Bay, various eating and drinks at Logoonies and Elvis' beach bars.

Thanks for Picking us up!! Our Swimming skills at that time were very poor!
Angela = AB

Ben was the Galley Wench. He had a tough time matching the work that was done yesterday.

2/12/13 Ships log
Pretty rough night. Windy and rain. Boat rocking and rain ciming in hatches and all over the back deck.soaking all the seat cushions.

Well our choices for today is a nude trip to the nude beach or a MartiGras Party in town. Will see what most of them are into.

Well I couple hours on shore and I found peanut butter and jelly. Still could not find any butterschotch snapps. Had a great lunch with ribs and chips. Had a couple drinks, checked email and skype on the Wifi. Darth Dingy ride back was fun, they lost the key for the kill switch so someone had to hold the kill switch out all the way back to the boat.

Crews log
David got a scare after the garbage run, when 2 police told him to take the dingy and them to the police boat. Turns out they just needed at ride to the police boat. Haha..

Dave was the Galley Wench and did a fair job. Just really could not match the swim suit and service we had the first day.

2/13/13 Ships log
We are sailing to St Barths this morning. Turns out key not lost for Kingy, just had not found the right person to check their pockets.

Last night went back ashore for the Fat Tuesday Celebration. They closed the main street and had venders and a small parade. I found the Wifi again. Still windy and that made using Darth Dingy into the so called dock a challenge. With so many tied and the wind blowing, was the start of the "Dingy Wars"

Well, finally all our crew on board plus one. Apparently no one sober enough to loacte the cat for him. So we started the cabin shuffle, a fun game to make sure people that could not find their way home got to sleep in the cabin they wanted.

Well it is 6:30am and I have the coffee going. We found that the navigation depth finder and autopilot not working again. I started by checking and fixing the wiring for our navigation. Got our engines running and waiting for crew to get on deck.

We left St Maarten, up and around the then turned south. Put up the Jib only today. Turned off motors. Seas better to day than the last two days. We let most everyone be the captain. They learned how the boat responds slowing to rudder action. How to put the auto pilot on and adjust. It was a long trip so I opted for a nap...

Arrived in St Barths. Had some challenges finding a spot to anchor. Lots of boats. We got checked into customs and some of us went ashore. Ben is sick and Selah stayed to take care of him.

We were told to tie the dingy up at the first part of the dock area, so we did and that left us walking clear around the harbor. Finally found a place with alcolhol and Wifi and a place to tie up dingy's.

We all got caught up on our internet issues. I guess no one can go 2-3 days disconnected. Not even me, I was pleased to get notes from home...;-)

Well I decided to make a plan. There were 5 of us. I was going shopping for food we could eat without being scolded. Then going back to the dingy and take food back to boat. Would meet the others back here at 8:30, right next to the bar...

This plan was working right up to the point of taking the dingy back to the boat with food. Darth Dingy beat Scott and I. It would not start. For over 40 minutes we tried to get that motor to start. Gave up and Scott went back to where everyone was eating and locating someone with an operating dingy. Chris brought his dingy. He tried and Darth Dingy would not start. So he towed us back. We tied up and later someone else had to bring our crew home. They took our gas can so they would be able to make enough trips. Much later the rest of the crew arrives back on board, safe and sound but of course not sober!!

Crews log
Long sail to Gustavia in St Barths, due south. All helped steer. Street parade of drummers in black and white face. David and Angelea had great Tapas

2/14/13 Ships log
Valentines Day!!
I made coffee and sampled my choclate covered waffles. Yum Yum.

Clyde came over and worked on Darth Dingy and got it working again for us and returned our fuel can.

Scott working in kitchen to make breakfast, egg and potatoe casserol. Others starting to stir, they smell food. Scott cooked a great breakfast. Then he had to clean up since it was his day to be the Galley Wench.

Most everyone went ashore. We got our water and other provisions resupplied. In afternoon we moved up to a smaller bay with good beach and snorkeling.

They started to fix spagetti dinner and got the sauce and noodles done. By then it was Happy Hour time. We hosted on our boat. We ate so much junk food that 2 1/2 hours later, when the other boat crews went home, we were not hungry. Looks like Steve is here for the night again.

Crews log
Best Valentines Day ever for "Young Love".

All met at Le Select for cheeseburgers. Then we motored north to Anse De Colombier, empty bay with tiny beach, ok snorkeling and no facilities. What no booze??

"Kids", Ben and Selah very sick for two days, leading to slow period but getting better today.

Big Happy Hour on our boat for the entire fleet. Boat was so crowded it was down a foot in the stern.

Today was our boats happy hour.. and life couldn't have been sweeter, sexier or more fun than this one. Compliments and kisses abounded until my face and the faces of all our friends, new and old cracked with the strain of it all. Dave said I was awesome, Claudia said I was pretty, Linda said she loved me, and best of all Terry said he'd like to truly keep in touch later. Life is good!! Happy Love Day

Selah 2/14/13

Dang "Kids" up late looking at stars and laughing a lot!! They thought they stayed up till 2am, but it was only 10pm.

2/15/13 Ships log
Well everyone is up and had breakfast. We will be headed back to St Maarten to find "The Beach"

Nice crossing from St Barth to St Maarten. Went up to Baie De Orientale and it was a challenge with breakers and swells to get into the bay. We finally got anchored and settled in. We are down to three boats. One opted to return to Simpson Bay early.

We discovered we needed to have a trash run and we had a serious alcohol or lack of issue. So Darth Dingy was put into service to go to the beach and find trash can, beer and rum. Everything was going well until the dingy was loaded. They were trying to push it off the beach and past the breakers and then get in. As Dave was about to get in the dingy, a wave swamped the dingy. Dave slipped and bashed his junk into the side of dingy. They had nothing to bail with but their hands. They splashed out what they could and motored back. Took them almost an hour. Most the ice was melted. We bailed our the dingy after we got all the beer unloaded. We now have 3-4 of us that believe the dingy is possessed. Darth Dingy, know the dark side of the force and had beaten us.

Happy Hour - after a couple hours rest and the promise of only 100 yard ride, we decided to once again see if we could tame Darth Dingy. They had a good spread for happy hour so we did not need dinner again. But we were running out of booze on the Happy Hour boat. What kind of hosts are they? So we once again braved the Darth Dingy and with one more trip we were safely back aboard our well stocked booze boat for the rest the night..


2/16/13 Ships log
Battery for the lights are dead. The "Kids" actually made it to 11:45 last night.

Beautiful Sunrise and we will navigate back towards Simpson Bay. We stopped at Phillisburg to refuel and then we headed to the outside of the bridge at Simpson Bay. We checked in at customs and are waiting for the 5pm bridge to get into the docks.

Crews log
Nice sail south from Orient beach to round the southeast tip into Phillipsburg to buy gas. Very pretty town, beach and resorts.

Then motored west to Simpson bay and Anchored for the last time.

Linda falls with red wine.

Terry goes AWOL, leaving Galley Wench duties unfinished.

2/17/13 Back to shore
Well seems like most the crew found hotel rooms last night and went AWOL after arriving at dock.

Valentines Day seems to have left the crew
very happy and horny!!!

We all met a little after lunch and got together to take a taxi to airport and make the trip home.....