City of Garland
Parks & Recreation Department

Adopt-A-Park Program

TXO Volunteers has adopted

* * * Duck Creek Park * * *

Our mission - to help keep Duck Creek clean, for everyone to enjoy.

This is a great opportunity for kids and families to
do something for the community

Email me for next cleaning day.

All volunteers are required to fill out this form.
Community Service Application

Print and complete application for each volunteer.
Bring application with you the first time you come to become a TXO Volunteer

Things I recommend you wear:

Wear rubber gloves with garden gloves over those.
Wear rubber boots, I bought a pair at Wal-mart for $20.
Wear warm clothes, layered, while it is still cold, long pants
& long sleeve shirts winter or summer and a hat.
Wear bright colored shirt. A Pick-up & Reach Tool,
Harbor Freight for about $3.00, will be your
best friend with a plastic bucket.

Something bright colored and cool.
Gloves and pickup tool and bucket.
Hat and water...

This is a volunteer program, nothing supplied by city:
Bring a plastic bucket to pickup trash, it is easier to carry than a trash bag.
If you have a device to pickup trash with, it will save a lot of bending.
Small set of hand trimmers, the vines and thorns are thick.
I am suppling trash bags, but donations are welcome.
Bring yourself either bottled water or juice to drink.

If you have questions
Call 214-709-0933

Site and volunteer program hosted by TXOutlw....;-))
Terry A. McPherson