We took our vacation in April 2002 to Louisiana
Had lots of fun with Mom & Dad

Dad and I worked 2 days on the car while it was on the jack stands and finally got it down and out of the garage.
We did still have several small problems that we will be working on for some time to come.
We were able with some work to get the clutch slave cylinder working and we had a clutch sort of.

We had to pump up the clutch and tehn shift fast because the fliud would leak by the master cylinder.

Well, I finally decided it was time to try it out. Did I memetion that we were not able to get any brakes going.

The wheel cylinders were completely froze up.

Brakes were not a real problem when we were trying to run uphill.

But with a little luck we were able to keep it from getting away from us.

It runs Ok but we will need to work over the exhuast system, brake system, wiring harness and unknown other little details as we try to get it ready to pass inspection.