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What can we do about Congress?

I wonder when being a representative for the state became a lifelong job.

When this country started, the representatives all did that as a service to their country and after one or two terms went back to their farms or business and continued their lives. They served to help the country, not to become millionaires and get a big retirement for the rest of their lives. The only way we will ever get control of the country and legislator is to put into effect the 2-term limit for both the house and the senate. As long as they have people there for life and they all have their own agenda's we will never get anything productive done.

Somehow we have to get control of these things. I guess we will have to put a petition in to get this done. They will never police themselves or restrict their terms themselves. We need also change the way that anyone gets elected. As long as we let people do fund raising and collect money from companies and special interest groups, you will never get anyone elected that will put the people and the country first. We pay a big price for this, so lets just pay the price to start with. Lets make it possible for any person to get elected. Any person that can get x number of signatures on a petition to run for office, would get x number of dollars for their campaign. They would not be allowed any fund raising. They would only be able to by advertising to run for office 6 months prior to an election. This would allow any person regardless of their financial condition to run for an office.

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