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War On Drugs

Well if you have not heard,
we lost that war about the same time we left Vietnam.

Let's review

We attempted to stop people from drinking with Prohibition.
All this got us was bootlegged booze and gangs running the industry.
We gave up on that and now we have it as a revenue source.
We tax it and the places that sell it.
Well in most cities and counties...;-))

We try to control drugs because people die from using drugs and for the health concerns. However, I think you will find more people die from smoking each year, more people have serious health issues from smoking cigarettes than from drugs,
but we do not make that a crime.

We can have another revenue source.
We tax it and people are free to make their own choices.

We attempted to control gambling, but we found that most people
like to gamble so you can find casino's in almost every state,
or on a bordering state.

So why do we try to tell people what they should or should not take for drugs? If we made all drugs legal, then we would have another revenue source. We can tax it, grow it locally to increase revenues in farming areas. Save billions of dollars trying to control it. Put the cartels out of business over night and take the gangs and street pushers out of the picture.

We could also release everyone in jail that is there for a posession only offense. Thus saving millions of dollars being spent to have them in jail and reduce jail over crowding and expense to every city and county in the USA. The numbers people with issues by using legal drugs would not be any more than we have with issues from drinking or smoking. So it is a win win deal.

Legalize Drugs
Increase Tax Revenue
Save Millions On Enforcement
Save Millions On Jails and Court System

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