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Why have we not learned anything in the last 100 years?

From 1919 to 1933 Congress and the American
people thought
they could control drinking...
Well, if you have not heard,
we lost that battle.

Let's review

We attempted to stop people from drinking with Prohibition.
All this got us was bootlegged booze and gangs running the industry.
Gangs running the streets and constant violence in the community.
What we did learn was that we saved time and money by
NOT trying to control how Americans live.

We tax the liquor, we tax the sales and we tax the people that have income from making and selling it. So now something we could not control, becomes a source of revenue and not an expense to the American people.

We attempted to control gambling, but we found that most people
like to gamble, so you can find casino's in almost every state,
or on a bordering state.

Again we tax it, we tax the poeple that win, we tax the
owners of the casinos and all the employees.
Again a revenue source not an expense.

We try to control drugs because people die from using drugs and for the health concerns. However, I think you will find more people die from smoking each year, more people have serious health issues from smoking cigarettes than from drugs,
but we do not make that a crime. Again we taxed it and the sales.

We could have another revenue source.
We tax drugs and people are free to make their own choices.
Thus saving the millions we spend on trying to control it.

And lastly we try to control guns....
Do you think that any criminal is going to go turn in his gun
if we pass a law to tell them too?

Do you think any criminal is going to have trouble buying
guns outside the USA and bring it home, to use for his crimes?

Do you think it is going to keep someone that is wanting to
kill people, not be able to kill people?

I think you could say that we don't have any legal bombs for
sale in the USA but does that stop anyone from bombing the
subway or any other place they want to bomb and kill people?

The problem is the people....
The problem is there is no swift and sure punishment....
The problem is we let people into the USA that are terrorists....

Controlling alcohol was not working.
Controlling cigarettes was not working.
Controlling gambling was not working.

So why would trying to control drugs work?
So why would trying to contol guns work?

Lets try controlling what we can....
Bring our troops home and control OUR BORDERS.

Take the billions saved by NOT having a war on drugs, to try to help
areas with high crime rate, to maybe give people options and hope.
Create real jobs, that can give people an alternative to crime.

Lets make America great again!!!

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